Repair service

Repair service

Serves a wide range of tools and repair range. Performs spare parts orders and deliveries to customers. We have quite big spare parts warehouse.

Power Tools: Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Hitachi, Flex, Fein, Leister, Festool, Protool, Support, Rothenberger

Pneumatic tools: IR, Atlas Copco, CP, Uryu, Jonnesway.

Hole punches: Gesipa.

Welding machines: KEMMPI

Washing machines, vacuum pump: Alto, Kranzle.

Soil compactors, compactors, concrete equipment: Dynapac, Belle, ENAR.

Generators and motorpumps: with Honda Engine


Other services:

  •      technical consulting
  •      installation of equipment
  •      Operational maintenance
  •      Tools insulation resistance measurement
  •      Equipment connection and commissioning works
  •      Crown milling galadinimas
  •      Tool to torque from the 0.1-10Nm calibration